My name is Mike...

...and I like to hike!

To me, there's nothing like walking on a tiny trail in the middle of the wilderness, or along a shell-covered shore.  Quite simply, it's addicting.  

And if you're reading this blog, you're likely a hiking junkie too.  Fortunately, Long Island is filled with places for us to escape into nature from the Gold Coast to the East End.

This blog's goal is to give readers a look at the various hiking sites throughout Long Island.  Typically, I'll go on a handful of hikes every month based upon friend recommendations and online comments.  But often, those comments and recommendations lack facts, photos or other basic informationAnd that's where this blog comes into play.  After each excursion, I'm planning to share my thoughts on the trails and recount my environmental experience.

Maybe my blog will help you select which spots to explore.  Or maybe you just like seeing, and reading about, the beautiful parks right in our own backyard.  Whatever your pleasure, please
enjoy your visit.  And, of course, feel free to suggest a place you think I might like.

Happy hiking!   

Michael R. Ebert 

P.S.  I would also like to thank the Press Club of Long Island for giving me a Media Award, and Bethpage Federal Credit Union for a nomination in its "Best of Long Island" Contest! 

P.P.S. At the request of various readers, I've assembled several "Top 10" lists to help hikers decide which parks and preserves to visit on and within driving distance of Long Island.